Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I Feel Nice Like Sugar & Spice.

Read here that one should not blog when stressed. Trust me after yesterdays blog (yes, the one in incomprehensible language of Donatello) I honestly feel much better. I got everything I wanted to say out, without a soul understanding. That was me in my black hole in one of my darkest hours. I think within that short post of maybe one page, I recall almost seven cigarettes butts going down the toilet. Trust me it would have been twenty if it wasn’t for the post. I told the whole truth and nothing but the truth and it felt good as fuck!

I don’t know whether it was therapeutic, I don’t know whether it was the right thing to do and right now I can’t understand half the shit I wrote but who gives a flying rats arse! In the words of James Brown “I feel good


Venus-Metamorphosed said...

Well I woudnt say not a soul understood ;)

Although Donatello would probably be confused by certain phrases, chances are fuckslut wasnt common lingo back in his day.

Just my two cents but I think blogging when stressed actually helps. Its therapeutic to let out bottled emotions.Might suffer from ulcers otherwise.

Its good that you feel better :)

childof25 said...

I second the opinion that blogging when stressed is therapeutic!

technobatta said...

Looks like most people can hold their nerve and think straight when they are blogging while stressed. The very reason why I started blogging was, bcoz I thaught it will be therapeutic when under stress.

But seems like I am the only one who messes up things when I write wat's inside my mind. I guess it works only on a case by case basis...

Anonymous said...

honest self expression in any form is highly therapeutic. but there's nothing like the written word to put things in perspective and just tell it like it is. i'm glad you feel better - i hope you have more and more 'better' moments. fatti coraggio. stia su con la vita.