Monday, December 05, 2005

Twenty Eight and Living In Colombo.

Last 30th was a Wednesday. Partied. December is the coolest month in the year if you ask me. All the relatives living in developed parts of the world come down to experience the New Year. Bro is down from downunder. Met up at SSC. If there is one place which connotes cool and cheap, then SSC has to be the place. The good thing about relatives coming down is that they bring expensive liquor. Four of us had a liter of Black Label. Well, technically three as the she in the group decided to have Bacardi.

After 330ml of BL and 150ml of Bacardi we head down to TABU. Yes, the new place. Quite nice I must say. Good music. Excellent ambience. I simply do not understand what it is with Sri Lankan girls and Tequila! Here we are hammered to the hilt and here come the round of Mexican firewater! After four rounds of those, yours truly is goes crashing in to the bandstand! Thank god, it was 3.30am and band had packed up for the night!

Then we head down to Pilawoos. Down Galle road driven by somebody known to me for 28 yers but had not driven a single day in Sri Lanka!! In our drunken state we go passing the “midnight rest” and had to do a “U” turn over the isle in the middle!! As we pull along beside the Toyota Caldina I hear the familiar sound of “Kabaraya”. There comes up the Bacardi!!!

After a chicken kottu and lime juice we are confident of the drive home. Just before Bamba junction we’re copped and the Aussie is driving! When asked for the license the “kossa” get an Aussie driving license. Part of the conversation is as follows (translated).

Kossa : “Sir, this is an Australian license”.
Aussie : “Yes, Ralahami”
Kossa : “You can’t drive here with this”.
Aussie : “You can Ralahami”.
Kossa : “Please get down from the car, sir”
(At this point the Aussie get down from the car, turns around and puts his hands on the hood as they do in Aussie!)
Kossa : “Do you know what will happen if I asked you to blow up a balloon now, sir?”
Aussie :”Yes Ralahami, it will burst!!!!

Thanks to the family charm the coppas didn’t take out their pens!

Mother called wondering where the “joduwa” were. Went home around 5.00am. Boss out of the country so had coffee and went to work at 2.00pm. Hey, I’m 28 and living in Colombo, so wtf.