Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Eleven Things I Shit Bricks Just Thinking About.

  1. Breaking my leg again (May God have mercy!).
  2. Being lonely (I hate watching porn stars grow old).
  3. Hooking up with somebody and still feeling lonely (No, a joint is not a place).
  4. Hooking up and finding out that she is a man (I watched Transamarica over the weekend and it scared the living fuck out of me).
  5. Loosing mom (I dare not ask her if I’m in her list).
  6. Having children (As long as I don’t have to be in the labour room I think I would be sorted).
  7. 35 and still going to Clancys (Get the fuck outta here you old fart).
  8. 35 and not hooked up yet (You know, when I was 28 I thought this was bad but now I think you’re young till you’re 40. Arrrgh!!!).
  9. Getting married again (You know God is asking you to fuck off when he gives two moms-in-law in the same lifetime).
  10. Migrating (I hate cops who do their jobs)
  11. In the ocean with a Great White coming at me (This I don’t need to explain).

Friday, April 21, 2006

Wake Me Up When September Ends

My see my life changing in front of my eyes and I’m not quite sure whether all is good in my hood. I met a friend of mine whom I haven’t met in some time. He was like “C, look at you. You look like shit. No wonder your life is screwed”. Though it was meant as a joke, it stuck on me and I don’t know why. Ok, I do look like a Pettah street punk now but that’s by choice. Grown hair, neck band, t-shirt, three quarter pants and loafers do make me stand out in office ;-). I do agree it’s quite a paradigm shift from trimmed hair, shirt, pants and tie six months ago. Just don’t feel like donning pants and shirt. Maybe I’m still going through break up phase. Remember Chandler being on his pjs after he was dumped in Friends. Maybe I’m going through the same thing.

I was quite comfortable being the sorted/settled young bugger. Now I feel unsorted/unsettled and old. And at only twenty fucking eight! Ironically, everybody around me seems to be getting them selves sorted. On top of that I’ve been living life in the highway. Partying, tripping, acting, chatting up random chicks etc. Somehow it’s not as great as it use to be. And the worse part is I can’t even sound convincing to myself relating what a good time I’ve had. Maybe I’m just fucking paranoid.

Either way I made a resolution today. I’m going to take a chill pill. I’m going to let a couple of months pass me by. At least until the leg heals. No more partying, no more coffee meet ups. Definitely no more acting. I’m renewing my relationship with my X-Box. Fuck the world I’m hibernating. Brown bear style.