Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mind Over Matter.

Like in the words of somebody I can’t remember, it’s been a while. For the last couple weeks I was caught up in the race of means where individual ends are met. Seems like such a fucking waste now. Like I’ve said before, shit happens.

It’s almost 1.30am on a Sunday morning. Here I am on a beach in Induruwa, stoned out of my mind with Shams next to me. She always looked the prettiest when she’s asleep. Nice to know that I wasn’t bull shitting when I told her that. Nice trip this is turning out to be.

Anyway, Kottu has been on fire over the past few weeks over doing things, knowledge gaps, revolutions and….errr….V for Vendetta. All good stuff but I’m too stoned now to look at the big picture. I am not a revolutionary. I lack sacrifice to be a revolutionary. I am too middle class to be a revolutionary. I do not have the recourses or the faith of the masses to be any part of any revolution, which I think are prerequisites for a revolution.

I have a very false sense of patriotism too. I hate everything about Sri Lanka. Hate the roads, hate the drivers, hate the system, hate the war, hate the rulers and the list goes on. But ask me whether I hate Sri Lanka, nooooo you mad! I think the only reason why I like Sri Lanka is because I’m not one of the masses. I get to do things that fascinate others and talk about it, which gives me a false sense of superiority. Given the choice I think most Sri Lankans would prefer to be of some other European, North American or even South American origin than from a third world South Asian. But then, I might be wrong.

As for saying that I should be give back all I’ve received from the country, there would be a whole heap of people who be there before me, who if they started ever repaying by the time it come to me my name the list would be so faded that it can hardly be read. How far down would you think a guy who never went to a public education institution and worked all his life in the private sector lie in that list?

This is me in my own way trying make sense of it all without making it sound like, with all due respect, a cheap Hollywood take of an excellent comic book hero. So where do I stand? In this frame of mind why am I writing a post on a borrowed PDA instead of listening to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and snuggle up next to Shams? (Fuck! That’s so tempting now that I’ve mentioned it. Mind over matter. Mind over matter.) That means unfortunately I honestly do give a fuck about this country. Unfortunately because I have not idea what to do about it. At least to start with, I don’t think it has anything to do with political affiliations and revolutions. Again I might be wrong but I’m too smoked up to give a fuck.

People are leaving the country. Mind you these are people who think that the present system is good for the country. When people who think the system work, leave, there is some thing radically fucking wrong there, don chu think?

Last week this dickwart was telling me that though the government is loosing money by curbing (at least trying to) the consumption of cigarettes and alcohol, since the people consumer less it cuts down on what the government spends on health care. I tossed him a rupee and asked him to go get an education! When the likes of Al Capones run the illegal alcohol business and the likes of Valentines day massacres take place here, we will be wondering, HOW THE FUCK DID THIS HAPPEN in our sacred country?

Sorry, that’s me going on a trip. Political decisions have been criticized enough I think in the blogspear. What I think we lack is “somebody” who has the balls to teach economics to the masses. Commend the decisions that make sense and ask “what the fuck were YOU thinking?” when it comes to the baloney. Right now there is no one body which does both according to my limited intelligence. If there is, then it has a serious fucking marketing issue. Everybody who commends is bias and everybody who criticizes is bias too. People have lost faith because nobody gives them logic anymore. All they hear are political agendas that are cheaper than a whore who will blow a dog for fifty bucks!

Ouch!! That’s a head rush. Time for a smoke, if I can find the pack without waking Shams. Anyway, that’s that. Nice sky. If stars, when they burn out make black holes, wonder what happens to a black hole when it come to the end of its’ life span? Shit! Sure could do with Entire Island being wi-fi now. Are they even thinking of that?

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childof25 said...

Interesting viewpoint about the false patriotism and liking being sL because of privilege. Had a somewhat related discussion with a guy I met at the LA cricket festival. I mentioned that SL's who are expats want to go back to SL in a few years because we miss it so much. He pointed out it was only the privileged people like us who miss home because we miss being the big fish in a small pond and thats a very valid point. I think most people who had nothing in SL and were kept down by the system could probably not be dragged back to SL by wild horses (to paraphrase).

One thing that needs to be done is heal the disconnect between the classes in SL at least to some extent. Also a leader who would actually be honest with people and be able to motivate them at the same time wouldn't hurt. oh well...maybe some day...