Thursday, May 04, 2006

Getting Over

Today, over a random conversation with Pumpkin, “getting over” somebody came up. This I thought was interesting. At what point can you confidently say that you are over somebody? Is it you being able to have a very casual conversation with him/her without either party feeling awkward, or is it being able to have a conversation about the person he/she is currently going out with or does it boil down to just having conversation. Sadly, I know people who have not got over their exs’ even after one year and people who have before you can say Paul McCartney! (Why God couldn’t go metric I still can’t figure out!). Immaterial whether you take the highway or not, the destination is the same. But how do you know when you’ve arrived? After some (extensive) research I have concluded that views on the subject vary so much that there’s no proper definition. Nobody seems to know jackshit of how to get over somebody or more importantly, realizing when they have got over.

Thanks to the All Seeing Eye, I have a theory on this.

Getting over somebody is mostly about accepting reality as it is and accepting the fact that it’s over. The day you get over him/her is the day you come to terms with, that there is no outside/slim/remote/even if you were the last people on earth chance of getting back together. When it’s over it’s over dude. Cough it up and spit it out. Lots of people, especially guys, hold on to what have been and I think the first step is actually accepting reality as it is.

Then of course there’s that thing called history. Don’t get me wrong, history’s good for ya. I mean, what else are we guys to brag about? Been there done that is what we live for but it’s a bitch when it comes to getting over somebody. But hey, history always repeats itself.

Comparison is important for brands, not for people. You are the smallest person in the world if you compare how you feel about people, especially people whom you have gone out with. No two people are the same. Getting over, is appreciating every relationship for what it was/is and not comparing him/her with your ex.

That’s the art.

Right, now comes the…ummm…. confusing/interesting part as explained by one research subject. Say you’re a charmed one and you’re over him/her. What makes one flaunt the fact around? As explained further, getting over somebody feel like receiving a medal for bravery while still being alive. So what’s the damn point if you can’t flash it around?

Is that just human or is she psychotic?

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