Monday, March 20, 2006

alis volat propris

There is no other person in my memory whom I can name as somebody I would have loved to have got to know better….a lot better, than Kishi. The number of times we have got together I can count with my fingers. So how come I feel this bad that she’s leaving the island?

Here’s my shot at describing her. If ever God made cases studies of people, Kishi would be the case study for sweet. The ‘ah-ha” look she gives you is simply adorable!! How she slightly bites the lips, curls the mouth to the right, tilts her head and goes “mmumh!” makes you want to have a shot of rum and sing “Sweet Caroline”!!…guess you have to know her to get what I mean.

She’ll talk about from Forrest Gump to the issues in the middle-east all night long. Making gestures with her hands to make you understand but the only shape she ever makes is something like a bamboo shoot, over and over again!! That’s the shape of a tank as well as a chocolate bar!!!

Anyway Kishi, it’s time and this is me missing you….already.


SD said...

ironically, i came across this post on kottu while on the phone with kishi who was minutes away from the airport. It was awful having to say bye - luckily it was 1 a.m. this morning in her garden and she couldnt see my tears. I agree with you; Kishi is defined by how absolutely sweet and kind she is. (and polite). she also has amazing strength within her and her love for her friends knows no bounds. i'm going to miss having her around ...

Anonymous said...

Yup, I was there at 1am too. I had been delaying and dreading saying good bye and it was every bit as bad as I anticipated. Kishi is one of my best friends, and has stood by me through all my little dramas. She is one of the few people I know who hasn’t been driven to cynicism by the 'way of the world'. I love her and will miss her loads. Whoever you are - you are an excellent judge of character.