Saturday, February 11, 2006

You learn something new everyday.

Well it’s been 23 days since that fateful drive down Nawala road. I’ve been a lot more drunk and a lot more reckless but guess I had to learn sometime that all the poster and bumper stickers meant something. Don’t drink and drive. Period. In my opinion alcohol doesn’t make you a bad driver, it just makes you a lot more daring. Which is not a good combination. Anyway, for the record, crashed the car and got away with only leg broken in two places. Somebody upstairs simply adores me. Consequences in the long run we are yet to find out.

If ever there was an experience I can name as life changing, then this is it. Not only because of the broken leg and the excruciating pain, mind you I emphasize the word excruciating, but also because of the people I met and shared a hospital for 10 days.

Nothing cracks me up more than life itself. After all that without a doubt December 2005 has to be the best month I’ve had so far. This is coming from a guy whose three-year-old marriage came to a halt on that particular month. This is the kind of shit you always imagine happening to other people. Nothing surprises me than how your attitudes change after you have personally experienced something. Always had a stereotype for people who got drunk and banged cars, always had a stereotype for people whose marriage didn’t work the first time. Guess you learn something new everyday.


mufee said...

hope u r legs heals soon :)
take care

Horus said...

Hey thanks. It's much better than it was but the cast comes off only in April :-(