Friday, March 07, 2008

Chillies 2008

I know it’s a little too late to write about Chilies 2008 but if I don’t put it down I never will. So here is my take on the event.

It amazed me how people think they get the license to act like fking retards when they think themselves creative. Many people do not understand the meaning of the event. In one context, it’s an event where creativity and creative people in Sri Lanka are appreciated. It is NOT a big match to shout slogans. It is not a rock concert to get on top of table and chairs and act drunk. It is an evening of appreciation. Coming from the ad industry does not make the crowd different. It doesn’t make the event any different either. If one wants a big match, one should have gone to a school that has a big match or go support a rugby club if you want to get pissed drunk and pass out.

I’m sure like in any industry, everyone puts in a lot of effort to get there but do you see attendees acting like a bunch of immature wannabes at other appreciation events? No. Local film industry is a lot more creatively talented but do you see them acting in this manner? Anyway that’s it on that context.

Chilies on the other context, is an appreciation of creative talents in a corporate environment. All end objectives being to satisfy corporate business continuity. In this light SPAM is very simple. Any creative idea which does not satisfy corporate objectives, is in its perfect sense SPAM. Anybody who does not lay it down as simply as that is just Fking around. If you want be judged for being creative without corporate boundaries direct independent films. If you want to win at Chilies simple do a corporate campaign for a legitimate client.

Sri Lankan advertising CORPORATES have become something like a ruthless mob of late. With whatever faults a committee brings, there is a steering committee. They have been entrusted the responsibility of what they do. Ad corporates and corporate heads should not get involved or be invited to partake in any activity of the Steering committee. The Steering Committee comprises of professional individuals who should if at all be answerable to only the judges. Definitely they are not and should not be answerable to any ad corporate head.

However I do agree on one thing. The ad industry has the sexist women in Sri Lanka!!!


Gallicissa said...

Hey you!,
I thought you had gone extinct like the celebrated Tassie Tiger!
Glad you are back in the blogsphere.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure there are readers who would understand that post. But for now.....The man is back!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure there are readers who would understand that post. But for now... The man is back!!

Anonymous said...

dude, have you stopped posting completely? your posts were good and kottu can do with some quality posts instead of the tripe that comes on it now.