Monday, August 06, 2007

Sivaji – The Prince

To be very honest this was the only Tamil movie I actually wanted to watch. Come to think of it, keeping aside some Bengali films, this was the first Indian movie I looked forward to watching. I was told so many things about this movie, that at one point I felt like it was my right to stand up and defend my precious Hollywood. This had been the most expensive Indian film ever produced. Coming form the biggest film industry in the world, that’s saying a lot I guess. In a country where films actors command demi-god status, it doesn’t get any more demi-godish than Rajnikanth, apparently. So, me being me, naturally wanted know what fuck was all about. I’m sure that there was some divine intervention in letting me go for the movie as I was told that I would not be taken for it due to my comment “Rajnikanth is an ugly old fart”.

Anyway, I end up in front of Cine City, Maradana for the 10 o’clock show. I need to mention something about this theater too. This is no ordinary theater. It looks like a fucking fortress. I couldn’t see the entrance as it was covered with iron fence. It was like a barricade. Though I had been thinking about it ever since, I’m still not quite sure the purpose it serves. I was dreading standing in line inside an iron fence. I would have died of claustrophobia. Fortunately W charmed her way in to getting me inside through the main entrance.

The commercials that run before the movie are as unique as the theater. I have never seen three-wheeler spare parts commercial. Not even on tv. This place had that. Then came Ranjan Ramanayake and his biceps in the trailer of Leader. The sneak peek shows Ranjan dishing out round house kicks, lot of explosions and a chick who seems to enjoy flashing her panty. This is where the first crowd reaction comes. The audience is as unique as the theater and the commercials. Very, very vocal and made me feel like in school, watching a movie without a teacher. There were boos, loud comments and whistles. Too bad I didn’t understand the comments.

So the movie begins. The only name I can recall now, being mentioned in the opening credits is Rajnikanths. And he is introduced as SUPER STAR Rajnikanth. This provokes another outburst of claps and whistles and the movie goes on for a good three hours. The movie as all elements for success, covered. It has a superstar, elaborate sets, five more songs than absolutely necessary and a nationalistic story line. To top it all, it has slap-stick comedy, an over flow of, what apparently are, Rajnikanths trademark moves and outrageous costumes. Rajni (as he is fondly referred to as) portrays a chappy that has made his millions after going to the U.S and is now (surprise, surprise) a software engineer. Comes back to India with a god like attitude and wants make it a better place. What better way than to establish a free medical training college. To make it very short, our chappy Rajni, over comes bureaucracy, beats the crap out of (what seems like) quarter of the Indian population, signs documents with both hands to quicken things up and basically makes India the most sort after real estate in the world by 2020. Single handedly. Now that is fucking amazing, don’t chu think?

W tells me that you will not see anybody other than Rajnikanth in the movie. In the sense, that his presences is so overwhelming. And I agree with her. The director has made sure of this to the extent that you will see seven to eight Rajnikanths at the same time on the screen.

But I would be a hypocrite not to say that I was fascinated by the whole experience. I am fascinated how this less than average looking guy who can’t act for peanuts commands such hysterical mass mania. What is also fascinating is how a sixty-year-old man acts like a thirty year old. At sixty years, I would probably be farting while putting my granddaughter to sleep, while this man is out there kissing the hips of a gorgeous woman. Not even the most versatile of Hollywood actors can pull of what this guys pulls off. I am sure that either he has a lot of ass kissers around him who convinces him that he still can carry this kind of role off or his fans just don’t want him to grow old, at least on screen. And from last nights’ experience, I feel it’s the latter. I have been told by my uncle that in the days when Gamini Fonseka reigned the local cinema screen, they as young boys would come out if the cinema repeating the cool dialogs and would use them anywhere they could. This was what I saw yesterday. Guys came out repeating the ultra cool one-liners and doing the finger snaps. In third world countries, that gets bitch slapped around by the west, because of the socially deprived lives they lead, people seek emotional asylum in movies. In that context, a good movie and a movie star should bring this kind of emotion out in moviegoers. Rajnikanth the man, is more like a cut-out of himself you would have seen in Chennai for one of his movies, thirty years ago. His fans don’t see his wrinkles, his bad acting, his receding hairline, his potbelly. They see a prince who makes love to them, by winking and snapping is fingers, every time they go to the movies. Koool!


Parthi said...

im quite surprised you like it...

Theena said...

Even though I don't know you personally, but based purely on your posts, you are the last person I'd expect to see at a Tamil film let alone a Rajnikanth movie.

Having said that, when did you go? I was there Saturday night after giving in to a friend's persistent requests.

To be honest, it's okay compared to the last dozen movies that he has done. But the budget could have so easily been cut down instead of spending money on some of the most inane shit imaginable.

The saving grace for me was the woman. Holy crap. Hot as hell, man.


I hope you have seen enough Tamil movies to criticize the film sivaji (Example Mozhi, Chithiram Pesudhadi, etc) Rajani is an entertainer and that’s what he is good at doing.

To compare Tamil films with Hollywood movies is like comparing apple and oranges. Let’s be clear English movies are made for international audience, while Tamil and Indian movies are done for smaller audience. If you like Hollywood movies why even bother wasting your time or money on Indian films.

It is the first Indian film ever to use 4K DI technology. What you thought of AR Rahmans music?

I wonder what you expect when you go to see a Tamil or an Indian film. However in Toronto Sivaji has been still running in several silver-screen and cineplex theaters since it was released in June-06-2007 as it is the case all over the world.


Clint said...


Its funny... U have spent a whole lotta time on this bro.. Well, I kinda agree with this kid. Cuz this movie has fascinated him so much in so many ways, that he has spent so much time on this blog. I think he just doesnt understand how this dark, ugly 60 year old man could make so many ppl go crazy. Hay.. thats true tho.. Aint it amazing...?? Hell yea. Even I dont
understand how. After all, Im his fan as well. 1 of the millions. Yea that dark, ugly, 60 year old guy's fan, I am. I couldn't resist not to be. Yo, he got fans in Japan. Can you believe that shit.. Japan????

About the fans in Sri Lanka, Maradana, some cinema theater. Yo think abt it bro. U going to watch a movie in Sri Lanka, in Maradana. What u expect? U probably livin in an upscale neighborhood in Colombo. I guess around Col-7 area? Or somewhere... Where eva.. This how it goes down in the hood. And
they need to have "iron fence" at the entrance to control the brothers there. Can you imagine what the situation would be in India??? They probably will lock you up with a handcuff until the movie is over. I would say, just be happy that the fans in SL are not as crazy as those in India..
At least, not yet..!!!

About the fans screaming around you: You should have probably waited for an year to go see the movie, so that you wouldn't have too many of'em screaming.

"The sneak peek shows Ranjan dishing out round house kicks, lot of explosions and a chick who seems to enjoy flashing her panty."
I'm sure you liked it.. Of course, you noticed it and you coudnt even get it out of your mind.

Oh, the three wheeler spare pats commercials. Come on yo, that was a
commercial. Commercials are supposed to advertise merchandises to ppl who would buy them. The theater was in Maradana... DUH.... You probably would have enjoyed commercials for BMWs rite?? But that aint gonna work there, if u know what I mean.

Well, you got lucky that u went with the charming "W". So without this "W" you probably wouldn't have got in huh??? Im pretty sure she expected you to take care of her and it worked out the other way.. what eva works.. I guess.. Oh btw, whos this "W" ??? Woman??? Wife?? Witch? Suspense? Well, Whateva.. Aint ma business. But I was just wondering why it has to be "W"..
Why not "X" ??!!!

About Rajnikanth beating up a quarter of the Indian population.. you shouldn't be taken away by that. After all its a movie. Spider man hangs on a string, jumps all around New York City and stops a speeding train. Did u complain? Come on bro, get a life. These are movies. You go to see them in a theater because u wont see them in real lives. Get it?

Hmmm... What else did you mention...
Wateva,, fuck this. I gotta go sleep now.

But u know what, I can only advice u not to go to these kinda theaters
where the underprivileged ppl go, who dont seem to mix with you. You
probably should go to one of those theaters in New York where there'll be just you and a couple of other people sit around in a theater with 500 seats and watch "40 year old virgin". At least there you wont have "iron fences", "three-wheeler commercials", "screaming audience", "boos", "loud comments" and "whistles". You wont even need that charming "W" to take u into the theater.

Yo, comon mon. Stop complaining like a fuzzy chicken and enjoy what u have.

Get a life.....

Anonymous said...

Sivaji was brilliant! A totally pointless mix of violence, high camp and the absurd-and it works!- it takes genius to be able to put that together!

Gallicissa said...

Although I have enjoyed watching a few Tamil films in TV, I have never been to a cinema theatre to watch one. After your hilarious account of Sivaji, I am tempted to do it. But I guess it is now late ?!