Monday, November 13, 2006

One Gigantic Birthday Party

10 Things I had this birthday.

  1. An awesome birthday cake.
  2. Home made birthday party masks.
  3. A band playing happy birthday at TNL On-Stage and making me wish I were part of the furniture.
  4. Three B52s’
  5. Four tequilas
  6. Three Barcardi-Cokes
  7. Two joints
  8. A beer.
  9. Four weird-ass friends plus two goofballs whom I adore beyond simple human comprehension.
  10. A birthday wish asking for the same thing all over again next year.


Mr. Evil said...


Mr. Evil said...

U ain't that old men.. I will remove the title OLD GEEZER from you! And place it on people who are between 35 & 50. Yes yes i hung out with REALLY OLD GEEZERS !

savi3 said...

sounds like u had fun. anything over 30 is OLD..i hate to admit :(

Lady divine said...

Hey...Happy Belated B'day to ya!:)
was just browsing thru blogs and tumbled across urs..:)