Monday, May 29, 2006

What I Didn't Write.

This is what I should have written on the gift that I should have got. Also the very thing I shouldn't have told her since I didn't get the gift that I didn't give. But if I didn't tell her about the gift I didn't get, she wouldn't have got it and where's the fun in that ;-)

Dear P,

One of the toughest things to define is something that never was. However, it is a euphoric feeling imagining what could have been. Personally, I don’t think it ever gets better than the imagination and the real McCoy doesn’t come even close for once. Being human, it’s so easy to get caught up in the euphoria and end up chasing the illusive water dragon. I swear that I’m not and this is not a lame effort to make you chase it either.
The role that you play in my life does not define what you mean to me. It is not something somebody else will comprehend; you need to feel it to know how good it is. Now there’s your new definition for unconditional love. So getting you something materialistic somehow just did not cut it. I hope you will like what I got. As you “unwrap” your gift you will realize that, in the end it’s like what we had.....…nothing. Many happy returns of the day.
Enigmatically yours,


savi3 said...

that's really deep :) worth remembering though for future reference.

Roger said...

Check out:

sach said...

"However, it is a euphoric feeling imagining what could have been."

This is so true. And so is looking forward to things. I used to do both but it is painful once reality punches you right on the nose and you realize you are left with nothing. (ignore the rant, you got me thinking, that is all)

Haren said...

That was like quicksand! A deep and dangerous excuse. Next time, make something yourself... when you make something, you infuse a part of yourself into it... which is the kind of gift that goes easy on the conscience!