Thursday, February 16, 2006

The only one who wins consistently is the house.

15/02/06 - The latest season of CSI is premiering on AXN tonight. I ended up watching a preview yesterday night and one thing which was told by a director captured my attention. “People tune in to see the characters and not the episodes week in- week out.” Thought that was so true. Of course you want to know who did it but you also try to find out something new about the characters. Like for example the relationship between Gil and Sara.

16/02/06 – Watched the first episode and thought that I was as good as I expected it to be. Told you about the characters yesterday. Never did I know that Catherine had a thing for Warrick! That blew me away. What she said to him after she found out that he was married blew me away even more!!!! “The good thing about fantasies is that they can come true but when you take away the chances of them happening, it really sucks” I couldn’t agree more with her.

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