Friday, November 25, 2005

Heck, I just want to have a good time!

Today is a rare Friday. Why rare? No plans for the evening. Wanted to go out but the gang is “held up”. One is at a meeting which he is, for once, not complaining of. That’s because it has the chances of ending in a drinking spree. What is exactly achieved through a meeting which ends up in people staggering out of the meeting room, to this minute defies me. The other (who has apparently had a very tough week) is complaining as her “pick up” is at a “naaki bona party” as she defines it. I wouldn’t want to be her “pick up” next week as she will give him her famous “kane” which I think he richly deserves.

Anybody looking at it from the out side one might see two guys and a girl wasting money and getting hammered, then suffering the whole of a Saturday morning recovering from a hangover the size of Mars. But not so my friend. Coming from a middle class background you have to accept the fact that you will get raped economically, regardless of which party comes into power. My father worked hard for what he got and I have a bad feeling I will have to do the same. I was born to the middle class and I will die the same. So anybody thinking otherwise will be sadly disappointed.

Has anybody said anything about the difference "socially"? Having a good time seems almost taboo here in Sri Lankan politics. What is it that you hear everyday? There are so many problems here in Sri Lanka that it unheard of anybody asking for a government which will give anybody a good time. God damn it, I want to have a good time! During the UNP regime the barricades were removed, nightclubs opened up, bands got work, and people went out and got hammered. Basically everybody in the middle class had a good time. I don’t want to go back to barricades, check points, bombs going off, no trucking during the Royal-Thomian and the lot.

Any SOB thinking that this son of Colombo is an immature bastard can go vote for the JVP again next time too!

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